FLOKI Surges 25% with 2023 Roadmap Release

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• FLOKI announced its 2023 roadmap, causing its price to surge 25%.
• The roadmap includes new features and upgrades such as a native payment system, burn mechanisms, and a referral program.
• The team is exploring introducing a staking option for FLOKI users.

FLOKI Price Surge

FLOKI saw a 25% rise from 7 days ago following the announcement of its 2023 roadmap. The official FLOKI account declared it was on the verge of delivering several projects outlined in the FLOKI 2023 roadmap. This initiative was met with strong demand from buyers resulting in an increase in price on the OKX platform to $0.00002697 as of press time.

2023 Roadmap Highlights

The major highlights from the roadmap include: native payments, burn mechanisms, and a referral program through the forthcoming “FlokiFi Locker” update; integration with lending protocols on BNB chain; and exploration of staking options for token holders to participate in network governance and earn rewards.

Security Assurance

To ensure security for these features Certik has been given access to review all source codes before launch. Additionally, bug reviews are being conducted prior to releasing staking options for users.

Cryptocurrency Market Impact

The surge in demand for FLOKI also aligns with recent unexpected rises in bitcoin’s price which have positively impacted the overall cryptocurrency market.


The FLOKI team is confident that following their 2023 roadmap will result in more user adoption and improved utility of their token – boosting their standing among rival coins such as SHIB.

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